Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Travel Buddy Exchage

My third graders recently participated in a travel buddy project with Rowland Norment Elementary School in North Carolina. This was our first travel buddy and I think the students really enjoyed the activity.

Students took Dino, their travel buddy, home each evening along with a school camera. Students were asked to take pictures and journal about their evening with Dino. We shared our Dino adventures on our blog, "Dino Visits Burrton".

I did try to use a variety of slide show applications to share the photographs that students took of Dino to expose myself to some apps and to give teachers an idea of what each had to offer. Animoto is still one of my favorites. Magtoo has many options to choose from when creating a slideshop. It unfortunately may have content on the website that is not child friendly. Voicethread would be a terrific option for a project like this. Easy to use and highly recommend. I struggle using VT in my district. There is something with our firewall that is not allowing my mic to connect to VT.

If you are unfamilar with Travel Buddies. Make sure and check out this informative post on travel buddies by Dyane Smokorowski (Smoke). Mrs. Smoke even included websites to look for travel buddy partners.

Places to find partner schools...
Global School Net
CAPSpace (for those with Polycoms)
Skype in Schools
Distance Collaboration on Classroom 2.0


Mrs. Neddo said...

We had dino visit us too! So neat to see him on his travels. We made a Voicethread at http://ed.voicethread.com/share/394995/
Mrs. Neddo and Mrs. Bowker

Becky Herl said...

Great VoiceThread Mrs. Neddo and Mrs. Bowker. Thanks for sharing your link!