Sunday, April 5, 2009

Those that Inspire Us

I visited with Dean Mantz on Friday when I attended an area Technology Integration meeting at ESSDACK. Dean works for USD 376 as an IT and instructional technology integrationist. He also teaches a class at Sterling College entitled, Technology in the Classroom.

Dean recently wrote a blog post about people that inspire us. Dean was kind enough to mention my name along side some women that I respect and consider to be my mentors. Dean, Kevin Honeycutt, Glenn Wiebe, Bentley Richert, and Adrian Howie are just a few male tech integrationists that inspire me. Ginger Lewman, Tammy Worcester, Tuanua Swartz, Dyane Smokorowski, and Mary Fraizer are some of women that I highly respect.

I wanted to pose the question to you. Who inspires you?

Looking for a way to integration this post into your classroom?
Use the above question in your classroom as a digital storytelling project to find out who inspires your students. Re-read this past post for ideas.

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