Monday, September 7, 2009

Mmm, Marshmallows!

Help your primary students learn the phonemic sound of letter M by using digital storytelling. Present your preschool or kindergarten students with the following sentence to complete by illustration. "Mmm! My favorite way to eat marshmallows..."

I like using Tuxpaint to allow students to draw on the computer because it is free. Use whatever is available to your students. Or, have them color on a piece of paper. Then, you can use a scanner to bring the paper can crayon image into a picture format the computer can recognize.

Log into and upload your students creations. Record students and share your final product with parents. If you have never been to voicethread you will need to sign up. I would suggest using the pro educator account for $10.00.

Below is an example...

I would love to hear how you are integrating technology to teach phonemic awareness in your classroom.