Monday, August 10, 2009

Back 2 School Activity: Venn Diagram

To help classmates learn a little about each other, try this quick and easy technology lesson plan. Place students together in groups of two and have them record similarities and differences about themselves. Give the students a few questions to ask each other to get the conversions going. You can even try turning this activity into a contest to see which group can list the most similarities and differences on their diagram.

Creating the Venn Diagram can be done with a variety of software such as Inspiration, Powerpoint, and Microsoft Word. If using PowerPoint or Microsoft Word have your students use the draw tool to create the first circle. Then simply copy and paste to create an equal sized circle. Have the students click and drag to overlap the circles. Each student can fill their circle in with their favorite color. Then they should set the transparency to more than 50%, so the middle of the circles will be visible. (Right click and select "format the autoshape". Under "fill color" is the transpancy option.) Students can draw a text box or use Wordart to type on their Venn Diagram. Groups that finish before others can insert clipart that goes along with what has been shared on the diagram.

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mantz's_mission said...

Becky, once again you have created an excellent project. I know one can always find great resources for elementary students by reading your posts.

If I may, I would also like to add for an option in creating Venn Diagrams. Here is a link to the Venn Diagram options of 2 or 3 circles. These diagrams are interactive as well as being capable of printing or saved as html.