Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Digestive System

After finishing a unit on the digestive system in science, fifth graders wrote, illustrated and narrated their own scripts for travels through the human digestive system. Students wrote scripts and illustrated pictures to go with their stories. Student drawings where then scanned and saved as images onto the computer where students then used Window's Movie Maker to build their movies. Kevin Honeycutt, TRC facilitator for Burrton, helped Mr. Robinson's class develop this lesson plan and used Garage Band to record story narrations. Two of our fifth grade girl's worked together to complete, "Life as Macaroni and Cheese".

Online Digestive System Resources:

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If you subscribe to BrainPop here are two movies you might be interested in.
1. Digestive System
2. Human Body: All Systems Go


Mike Summers said...

Interesting stuff. I'm working with elementary and middle schools here in Illinois on integration strategies and curriculum design. I'd enjoy the opportunity to share ideas with you. I added you as a "friend" on plurk. I also have a blog (such that it is) at

Becky Herl said...

Mike, I am always looking for schools to partner with on a project. Contact me and we will work something out.

Good luck with your blog.