Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Skittle Math

The concept of using Skittles or M&M's in mathematics at the primary level has been around for a while. That is because it is a great project that can hit many standards and the kids love it! Click here for the lesson plan.

Put a twist onto this lesson by having students use Google Forms to help collect data. Then create an animated pictograph using Microsoft PowerPoint to display the data. Make sure to have students in the upper elementary grades that will be taking state assessments, share data results for tested items: minimum value, maximum value, range, mode, median, and mean.

Example of a Form which can be created within Google Docs.

Below is screen capture of an animated graph created in PowerPoint by one of my third grade students. I realized until after I posted the video, that this student left out the maximum value. But, you will get the idea of the project! I did not have my third graders figure the mean.

Video of my third grade students entering data into their Excel document to complete estimations of the total amount in an individual bag of Skittles as well as the amount of each color.

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